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Understanding How To Read A Pest Inspection

Many people think of pest inspection as just being termites, but it is much more to that for a realtor or homeowner. An experienced realtor will know not only how to identify pest issues, but also issues arising from water damage and moisture. Most of the problems identified on pest inspections this year came from something as simple as not having proper gutters on the roof, or even a bad seal on a window. When this kind of moisture gets into the walls or support beams of a home the damage can be far worse than a pest issue that is easily treated.

Section 1 items on a report are classified as items that need to be addressed right away in order to prevent damage from getting worse. Section 2 items are generally smaller cosmetic problems that can be fixed on an as needed basis. If you are a homeowner that is not planning on selling your home at the present moment, I recommend scheduling a pest inspection every 3-5 years with a certified professional to help identify problems by crawling into those small spaces you maybe did not know existed. With the winter months of rain on the horizon, make sure you have proper drainage and air flow underneath your home depending on the foundation type. If you have any questions or need a referral for a professional pest inspection please reach out to me!


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