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Record Level Of Homes Now Owned By Investors!

The reasons investment property ownership is at an all time high are numerous... Ten years ago strategies such as house hacking or short term rentals were not as tried and true but now people are catching on. There are so many ways to get into investing in real estate now that not everyone has to be a full time landlord or contractor to get started. Technology and third party companies have been able to open up access to new avenues such as AirBNB for short term rentals, or companies that can buy and manage affordable rentals in out of state markets. For many in the Bay Area that cannot afford a second home, having the option to buy out of state while interest rates are at a record low has opened up lots of opportunities.

For local homeowners the strategy is very simple, let's evaluate how much equity you have built in your primary residence and leverage that to get a loan on an investment property. Leveraging equity in order to create cash flowing investment properties is one of the best ways to build passive income starting now! The good news is that the sooner you start, the sooner your other properties will build equity and soon you could own multiple investment properties. I work with many clients that have been implementing these strategies for decades and now I want to teach them to you! Contact me today and let's talk about what strategy is best for you and how get started right away!


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