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Preemptive Offers vs. Set Offer Date - Options for your Sale

Everyone knows this is a seller’s market right now and buyers will do anything to make their offer stand out above all others. With homeowners having all the leverage in these negotiations, how should their agent facilitate the offers as they come in? Coordinating a strategy could make all the difference when getting top dollar as well as additional perks and ease of transaction.

Setting an offer due date is very common in this housing climate, especially when anticipating a multiple offer scenario. This allows the cream to rise to the top as the most desirable offers are made to compete for the top spot. But what if your selling situation is unique and there are other considerations?

Accepting a preemptive offer may make the most sense from a buyer that has the terms to make the transaction work best for the seller. A seller may accept such an offer if it were cash and could close fast, if all contingencies were waived to keep to a set close date, or even if a rent back were offered so the seller could stay in the home for up to 60+ additional days. I have worked with all these scenarios in the last few weeks it has helped my clients tremendously. The transaction is important but allowing the seller to set terms that most benefit them is what will make the journey that much smoother.

Here is an article that explains more in depth:

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