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Ask For Seller Credit Or Submit A Lower Offer?

With the market shifting this year, buyers have much more leverage when negotiating a deal. Usually if there are items to be repaired on the inspection report there is a case for asking the seller for a lower purchase price, or to request a seller credit at closing to cover these expenses. I always advise asking for a seller credit because it puts more money in my clients pocket at closing and they will not need to come up with more money later to start making the repairs. The main reason this is beneficial is because the buyer already is contributing a large down payment, and could feel financially strained if they need to start paying more cash for repairs once they own the property. When negotiating a seller credit the buyer has more money at closing and can get around to fixing items when it makes sense for them. They can also put the money back into their savings and have it set aside to pay upcoming property tax and insurance obligations. Check out this new video I just made about deciding if asking for a seller credit or negotiating a lower offer price is the best option!

Dean Powell

Keller Williams Realty Danville

CA DRE # 02108792



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