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THREE Most Common Legal Disputes AFTER Closing!

Our brokerage conducted a study of the most common disputes that occur after the close of escrow between a seller and buyer. I have dealt with all of these issues and I always make sure when I represent either side of a transaction that the correct due diligence is performed to prevent problems after closing. Drainage Problems/Foundation Issues - This is an issue that comes up a lot in the Bay Area because of older homes or inadequate preventative measures taking place. Especially with the big rain we had last winter, many homes experienced water damage and the sellers often did not disclose the extent of the problems. Lack Of Permitting/Poor Construction - I see so many properties that have illegal additions or conversions that are never properly disclosed. Often the owner will do these projects themselves without the correct permits or contractor and it creates problems for the new buyer. Easement/Boundary Disputes - It is not uncommon for neighbors to share part of a driveway for access or have a fence line that is not entirely on their side of their property. Unfortunately a new buyer may not want to keep these arrangements and a dispute can occur over who had access to certain parts of a property. Make sure you work with an agent that can properly disclose these issues when selling and research all of the potential problems when buying. The last thing anyone wants is to close on a home and end up going through a legal battle. Check out this video I made on the topic!

Dean Powell

Keller Williams Realty Danville

CA DRE # 02108792


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