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Housing Gains Slow For First Time Since May 2020?

Over the last few months we have been discussing some of the circumstances that have led to a crazy surge in housing demand, as well as some trends and legislation set to cool the hot streak. This year showed a visible movement of remote workers to new cities accelerated some of the largest growth spurs in cities in Florida, Arizona and Texas for example. Now that those buyers have made their move and settled, what about people who were aggressively searching within their own market? We are seeing prices settle down in the Bay Area in communities that were extremely hot when the push to get enrolled in school was approaching. Now that this has come to an end, I am encouraging my buyers without school age children to get aggressive about making offers that would not have been considered six months ago. My sellers that are on the fence about selling, or don't know where to move, know that I have creative tactics to help them transition and get top dollar for their home before potential interest rate hikes next year.

I have been working with my buyers, sellers and investors strategize their next move around what is on the horizon with the ever changing real estate market. Contact me before the holidays to schedule a time to talk about how I can help set you and your family up for success going into 2022!


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