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Homeowners Need to Understand SB-9 and SB-10

California lawmakers are continuing to get creative in the pursuit of adding more affordable housing inventory going into 2022. As with most legislation the implications of SB-9 and SB-10, coming into effect January 1st 2002, will produce positives and negatives for most homeowners. Simply put, these new laws will allow homeowners the option to split their lot and build up to two units per lot. The important distinction is that the California ruling will supersede any county or city planning or zoning restrictions that are in place. Additionally, SB-10 will allow residential lots near mass transit to build apartment complexes up to ten units.

I have already had clients complaining to me that this will add too much population density to their neighborhoods and contribute to a less suburban atmosphere. What are your thoughts on the new legislation? Do you think you would consider building more housing on your property? Check out this article to see more specifics of the legislation and how it applies to you!


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