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Final Thoughts As 2021 Comes To A Close...

I think that everyone expected the 2021 real estate market would continue to be strong as inventory was still limited and demand was exploding... However we are entering a new era of "firsts" not just for real estate but for the economy as a whole. Those of you that have been reading this newsletter know how much emphasis I has put on government intervention and stimulus as it relates to housing, as well as the inevitable inflation we will be facing as a result of such stimulus. If residential real estate appreciated by 17% last year, but inflation was around 6% we could still say that it was a solid investment? Next year feels as if we are officially entering a new era of the economy as inflation creeps in, alternative investments such as crypto currency grow in popularity, and traditional supply lines are disrupted.

Yes... real estate will continue to be an amazing investment because of the unique benefits it offers that others do not. Appreciation, cash flow and write offs are some of the positives for those that are able to manage their real estate assets and maintain them. I think that many people are becoming keen to owning rental properties, which is why I am shifting some of my focus to helping my clients build a real estate portfolio that will outlive them. That being said I am sure most of you are focused on your holiday and not me nerding out on real estate tangents. THANK YOU for all of your support this year and I cannot wait to take 2022 to the NEXT LEVEL together!


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